what is rmu switchgear

Before we start off with the definition or idea of the RMU switchgear, it is important to know what RMU stands for. It stands for ring main unit and is a unit widely used in power distribution and maintenance. It is essential and widely known in the world of secondary distribution substation. It is a gas insulated gear unit. The RMU switchgear can either be a switch disconnector or a circuit breaker.

This equipment or small system is made by different brands which compete with each other to bring forward the best product. The best form of the switchgear provides effective service and distributes the electrical power in a way that is more effective and ideal.

As the switchgear consists of two parts, one is focused on the components which conduct power while the other one is directed towards control systems that make sure that electricity is distributed in a controlled manner. It isolates the various circuits form the main power supply. The purpose of its use includes the redundancy feeding system.

A RMU switch protects the appliances or the end receiver in case if any fault develops. Even if the ring is broken, the device is isolated securing the power supply.

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